Unlock Business’s Potential? Ticking Off Each Box On Your Approved Supplier Chains

Supplier chains have become essential in policy discussions, especially after a series of crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in sensitive countries, that have disrupted global supply chains. Governments worldwide seek ways to make their countries less vulnerable to such disruptions, especially now that rising geopolitical tensions add new uncertainty. The World Trade Organization (WTO) reports that this has become a pressing issue as countries strive for more economic stability and resilience.

In this regard, a trusted supplier is a priceless treasure. Adding Enze to your company’s approved supplier list can be a perfect process and streamline part ordering. We have listed some of the most crucial aspects that procurement and supply chain teams typically consider when sourcing a manufacturing supplier to assist you. The following 11 reasons why Enze is an excellent choice for your manufacturing needs:

1. Quality Assurance


Ensuring quality and precision is essential to us. We have implemented a thorough quality control procedure to achieve the target and ensure that all our parts meet customers’ requirements. Our quality control process includes the following steps:


1) Incoming Inspection of Raw Materials

We comprehensively inspect all the raw materials used to ensure they adhere to superior quality and consistency standards.


2) Machine Calibration and Gauge

We regularly calibrate our machines and gauges to ensure they are working in good condition and capable of producing precise results.


3) In-Process Inspection

We inspect the components at every stage of the milling process to ensure they meet your specific requirements.


4) Shipping Inspection

Before delivery, we inspect every part to ensure that it meets your quality and precision requirements for shipping.


Supplier Chains



Unlike traditional manufacturing systems, our quality system is embedded throughout production. We provide traceability and transparency at every step to ensure quality.


Mold Making

Our team can offer a prompt DFM (Design for Manufacturability) report before the mass production stage. This report can help you identify design features that may present difficulties during molding. We will work closely with you to ensure your project moves smoothly from the prototyping phase to the production stage.


Rapid prototyping

Enze offers excellent rapid prototyping services that ensure high-quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing to customers worldwide. Our highly skilled team and experienced professionals utilize advanced prototyping technologies to achieve this. With our prototyping centers, we can provide comprehensive services that meet our global customers’ needs, requirements, and timelines. Enze can quickly bring your ideas or designs to life with our proven prototyping technologies and machines.


CNC Machining 

Enze offers CNC machining services and operates over 100 sets of 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machines. These machines are capable of high-accuracy engineering and high production capacity. We offer over 200 materials and surface finishes, ensuring fast turnaround and high-quality one-off prototypes and production parts. We guarantee fast delivery time and promise to deliver a wide range of materials, including 200+ types, for your convenience.


Sheet Metal Fabrication

Enze offers cost-effective sheet metal fabrication services, including bending, spinning, drawing, and stretching, to produce durable, end-use metal parts with various materials and finishes. We have ISO 9001-certified and reliable sheet metal fabricators. You can expect our sheet metal parts to exceed your expectations.

You can view our certification here.

2. Quoting and Competitive Price

You will receive an accurate price within a few hours. Our engineers are always available to discuss decreasing mold-making costs, CNC machining, and other manufacturing designs.


3. Production Speed and Schedule

Automated machines have been developed to assist in prioritizing and streamlining the ordering and scheduling processes, which in turn accelerates the manufacturing process. It enables us to deliver parts within as little as 24 hours.


4. Capacity

We operate over 1,000 automated manufacturing equipment, which run at 90% capacity to prevent production delays. As a result, we are always at the forefront, ensuring that we are a dependable solution if you encounter a supply chain emergency or a line-down situation.


5. Equipment

We are not reliant on one OEM as we use technology-agnostic equipment providers. New machines are customized for speed and accuracy like our existing equipment.


6. Multiple Material Selection

Our materials selection is diverse and extensive, with over 100 thermoplastic and elastomer options for molding and over 30 plastic and metal choices for CNC machining. Regarding 3D printing, we offer 20+ plastic resins and metal powders for prototyping and production-grade, end-use parts. Additionally, we provide various sheet metal options, including galvanized steel. We even accept customer-supplied materials and offer custom color matching for molded parts. We have multiple materials that can meet almost any project requirement.


7. Various Surface Finish Options

We provide a full range of surface finishing options in our factory, streamlining your project from design to finish.


8. Extensive Manufacturing Experience

We have an experienced engineering team and quality and procurement professionals managing the production activities from the beginning to the end. You can talk with our engineer anytime for manufacturing or procurement questions.


9. Security

Our company takes data protection very seriously. Server redundancies and backups safeguard all proprietary 3D CAD files, intellectual property, and customer information. Furthermore, we prohibit photo, video, or audio recordings from visitors in our manufacturing facilities.


10. Saftey

We have taken many measures to ensure a safe work environment on the production floor. These measures include sound dampening, robotic block handlers, and safety harness systems. Our CNC machining facility has installed a Gorbel Tether Track fall protection system. It is an engineered track-and-trolley system that is placed over each milling machine. The system uses a self-retracting lifeline and a personal fall arrest harness to protect our employees as they work on top of the mills. The system immediately locks and stops like a seatbelt if it senses a fall. 


11. Sustainability

Our sustainability framework aligns with Enze’s business strategy. We have identified three primary sustainability commitments by prioritizing the needs and requirements of our main stakeholders. These focus areas are implemented through specific action plans that are followed at every level of the organization.

At Enze, we aim to create a safe and respectful place that enables our employees to improve their health and happiness. And perform to the best of their abilities. We aim to achieve a workplace with zero accidents and foster a culture where diversity is considered valuable. We are committed to continuously developing our employees’ already highly valued competence.