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Enzemfg offers a range of surface finishing options. We aim to provide a complete manufacturing process in our factory. Our service is the best solution to speed up your project from design to finish.

Types Of Surface Finishing

As-Machined Surface finish

Keeping the surface in a machined state, also known as as-machined finish, is a convenient option as it requires no post-processing. This finish is ideal for parts that require precise tolerances. Learn More


Anodizing is an electrolytic oxidation process that transforms the surface of aluminum and its alloys into a protective, decorative, and functional oxide film. Different colors can be achieved on metal components using this surface finishing technique. There are two kinds of anodization: sulfuric acid and chromic acid anodization.

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Electroplating is a surface process that creates a protective layer on the metal surface that is critical in aesthetics and rust prevention. The surface area can be layered with copper, silver, gold, or nickel.

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Polishing is a process that uses mechanical, chemical, or electrochemical techniques to reduce surface roughness and achieve a smooth, bright surface.

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Powder coating

Powder coating is a process that applies dry powder to a component and bakes it onto the part to prevent corrosion. 

Several options are available for powder coating, including color selection and texture.


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Sandblasting is a method used for surface finishing that utilizes a high-speed sand stream to clean and roughen up the surface of components. This process ensures that the surface area parts achieve a specific level of cleanliness and roughness.


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Hot-dip galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing involves immersing fabricated steel in a bath of molten zinc to coat it. The process consists of three main steps: surface preparation, galvanizing, and inspection.

This technique is commonly used to coat the exteriors of guard rails along highways, protecting against corrosion, particularly in harsh environments.


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Enze Surface Finishing Options, Materials, Colors and Features

 Surface FinishesMaterialsColorsFeatures
AnodizingAluminum/Alloy aluminumClear, yellow, black, grey, red, silver, blue, goldMatte finish, Smooth
SandblastingAluminum, Brass, Copper, brass, Stainless Steel, Steel/Matte
ElectroplatingStainless steel,  Steel, Aluminum/Glossy finish, Smooth
Powder CoatingStainless Steel, Steel, AluminumGreen, black, blue, yellow, grey, redGloss, Semi-gloss
PolishingAll metal and plastic/Glossy


We offer other surface finishes as well. Please feel free to contact us to ask for a quote!


Surface Finishing FAQS

Surface finishing is the process of modifying the surface of parts to achieve a desired appearance, which can be accomplished through various methods, including sanding, polishing, anodizing, Electroplating,etc. The purpose of surface finishing is to improve the appearance, adhesion, solderability, corrosion resistance, hardness, electrical conductivity, and other characteristics of industrial components.

1. Improved Appearance
2. Enhanced Resistance
3. Increased wear resistance
4. Easy Cleaning
5. Minimized impact of corrosion.
6, Reduced Friction
7. Attractive colors.
8, Reduced surface defects

Our skilled team ensures that your parts get the proper surface treatment.
Please send us complete information about the material you are using, application information, and other specific requirements.

Most steel, ceramic, and glass materials are suitable for surface treatment. Materials like nickel, brass, copper, and aluminum cannot be treated at the high temperature (400°C) used in the process.

Enze provides surface treatment solutions for various sizes. Contact us at admin@enze-mfg.com for a quote.