CNC machining cutting parts

Machine: CNC cutting machine

CNC machine Brand: Doosan

Process: CNC cutting

Material: Stainless Steel, Steel, aluminum, carbon steel, copper and plastic

Surface treatment:  Zinc plating, polishing, Anodizing, Powder coating, Sandblasting, HDG.

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Application: Used in Automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, agriculture, food, high-tech, machine tool, marine, medical, military, new energy, elevator.

CNC Cutting Process

CNC Machining manufacturing uses a computer to control a tool, technically making it a robot. A machine holds and moves the tool using g-code. Let’s review the steps involved.

To create a CNC part, you need to:

1. Design a digital model with CAD

2. Transfer the file to a CNC program and create g-code

3. Set up the CNC machine and run the machining operation

4. Finish with manual processes like deburring or sanding

Contact us for specific instructions on design files for different manufacturing processes.


Different Types of CNC Machine Operations

CNC machines are capable of controlling different types of tools. Let’s see some examples.

CNC laser cutting: uses diode, CO2, and fiber lasers to cut metals, wood, and acrylic.

– CNC water jet cutting: uses a high-pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive bits to cut materials that can’t be cut with lasers.

– CNC routing: uses a router for cutting composites, acrylic, and wood.

– CNC milling machines and CNC lathes: can cut complex 3D shapes in minutes that manual operators couldn’t achieve.

– CNC plasma cutting: plasma torches can create complex 2D shapes easily.

– 3D printers: use g-code to know how much filament to extrude and where to extrude it.

– Vinyl and fabric cutting machines: are computer-controlled and can cut like home office printers.

– Wire EDM: uses a fine wire to cut through materials with a kerf smaller than a laser.


Available Materials for CNC Cutting

One of the advantages of using CNC cutting tools is that they can deal with a wide variety of materials. Almost any material can be cut manually with a CNC machine. These machines can cut through hard materials like steel and soft materials like cork, making them incredibly versatile. 

Enze offers CNC cutting services for various materials. Contact us to find out which materials we can cut and which machines we use. Some materials can be cut with multiple machines, and we’ll choose the best machine for your specific design.

CNC Machining Cutting Parts at Enze

Enze offers advanced technology and programming to handle CNC cutting for your project. With a skilled team and strict quality control, your project is guaranteed to succeed with Enze Products’ assistance. We also offer other CNC machining services. Get in touch with us at to get a fast quote!

CNC machining cutting parts