Our Capabilities

 What Capabilities We Enze Have?

Enze offers professional solutions with high accuracy, durability, and innovation. Our products redefine performance and improve your experience.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

CNC is a computerized manufacturing process where pre-programmed software and code control the movement of production equipment. Equipped with leading-edge CNC machines, we have the capability to offer you a reliable One-Stop CNC machining service.

Sheet metal fabrication forms flat sheets of steel or aluminum to the desired shape using different techniques, such as cutting, stamping, bending, and assembling. Enze’s custom sheet metal fabrication offers a fast and cost-effective solution for your projects.

All the steel forgings produced are closed die forged. With forging equipments from 300t to 2,500t, we could supply custom service for steel forgings with max. weight 50kgs.

Enze provides excellent rapid prototyping services that offer good quality, on-time delivery, and competitive prices to our customers worldwide. Our highly skilled and experienced team has used advanced prototyping technologies. 

Enze applies strict quality standards to every mold, ensuring consistency and quality for molded components.