Aircraft & Aerospace CNC Machining Suppliers in China

CNC machining techniques have been widely used in the aerospace industry for a long time. The precision required for aircraft components is crucial, particularly for safety applications. Enze machine can produce the perfect part for aircraft components, meeting these strict requirements. Moreover, we offer a wide range of compatible materials for CNC engineering.

Aircraft & Aerospace CNC Machining Suppliers in China

Available materials for CNC Machining of China Aerospace

Aircraft and spacecraft have specific performance requirements, which demand raw materials with certain characteristics such as lightweight, corrosion resistance, stress cracking resistance, and easy coating. The aerospace machine shop commonly uses custom aluminum parts, stainless steel, titanium machining alloy, magnesium alloy, carbon fiber, and other composite materials for machined aerospace parts. All these materials undergo spectrometer testing before being used.

Available materials for CNC Machining of China Aerospace

Precision CNC machining of aerospace parts with various surface finishes.

Precision CNC machining of aerospace parts with various surface finishes. Enze provides customers with various services, including drawing review, CNC machining, surface treatment, and assembly. We are well-versed in various surface finishes, such as powder coating, anodizing, painting, electroplating, polishing, and more.

Precision CNC machining of aerospace parts with various surface finishes.

Why Choose Enze as Your Aerospace CNC Machining Factory in China?

  • Different types of CNC machines are available, including 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis. Manufacturing complex aerospace parts offers rapid CNC prototyping and mass production solutions.
  • Various techniques are used for work, such as CNC milling, CNC turning, wire EDM, and more.
  • Comply with ISO 9001 quality system. Conduct eight inspections from raw material to shipment. 
  • We can machine your parts to your design and suggest cost-saving optimizations. Choose from various finishes for solid metal and plastic parts made to precise specifications.
  • Enze has over ten years of experience in the industry. Our team members have years of experience and adhere to strict work assessment standards. We are confident in delivering high-quality aerospace parts with every batch.                                                        
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Why Choose Enze as Your Aerospace CNC Machining Factory in China

Certifications and standards

Enze is committed to providing safe and dependable precision hardware for aerospace engineers worldwide. We comprehensively understand high-performance materials, such as titanium, stainless steel, unique alloys, and high-temperature plastics. We have exported many aerospace parts and components and have been recognized by our customers as one of the leading quality parts manufacturers.

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Benefits of CNC Machined Aerospace Parts Production

Economic Benefit

CNC rapid prototyping is cost-effective for aerospace companies as it eliminates the need for mold investment.

High-Quality Materials

High-performance, lightweight metals and plastics that meet aerospace fire-retardant regulations are available. These materials are solid and durable, making them ideal for aerospace applications.

Custom Design and Produce

Design and manufacture aerospace prototypes and parts based on customer requirements with CNC machining technology.

Superior Precision

Precision CNC machining enables aerospace companies to manufacture components to exact specifications and deliver tolerances as small as 4μm.

Fast Turnaround Time

Hundreds of CNC machines designed for aerospace products can withstand mass production.

High Safety

CNC machines require trained professionals to operate safely and minimize the risk of accidents for aerospace products manufacturing.

Overall, CNC machining is a reliable and efficient method for producing precise aerospace parts that adhere to industry standards.

Benefits of CNC Machined Aerospace Parts Production

CNC Machining for Aerospace Industry FAQS

Aerospace CNC machining is a computerized manufacturing process that uses pre-programmed code and software to produce and maintain aircraft and space parts. It is widely used in many industries, but The aerospace industry is highly sensitive and demands zero room for error. CNC machines provide consistent precision and accuracy, regardless of the quantity produced.

CNC machining accuracy for aerospace parts varies based on machine type, part complexity, and desired tolerance. Modern CNC machines can achieve tolerances within a few thousandths of an inch. To achieve high accuracy, CNC machines use precision tools and advanced software. CMMs help verify accuracy. CNC machining is crucial for aerospace parts to fit and function perfectly in aircraft and spacecraft systems.

Aerospace parts require specific materials for strength and durability, tight tolerances, and complex geometries that need advanced machining techniques. Quality control is essential for safety and can add to the overall cost. Regulatory compliance is necessary for certification. Experienced manufacturers can handle these challenges and ensure aerospace parts meet the required standards of quality, precision and safety.

CNC machines can produce high-quality parts, but several factors can cause dimensional inaccuracies, surface roughness, burrs and sharp edges, material defects, and machining marks. These defects can affect the part’s appearance or functionality and pose safety hazards during assembly or handling.

To minimize these issues, CNC machining processes are carefully monitored and controlled. Advanced metrology techniques such as CMMs are used to verify the dimensional accuracy of the parts. In contrast, quality control measures such as inspection and testing are employed to ensure that parts meet the strict quality standards required for aerospace applications.

CNC machines require calibration, tool selection and maintenance, material selection, inspection techniques, and programming/process control to achieve precise and consistent tolerances for aerospace parts.

 CNC machining can consistently achieve precise tolerances for aerospace parts by using advanced techniques.

Inspecting CNC machined aerospace parts involves visual and dimensional inspection, non-destructive testing, material testing, and performance testing to ensure quality and functionality.

CNC-machined aerospace parts inspection and testing methods vary based on the type and customer requirements. A comprehensive quality control program is essential for manufacturers to meet safety and quality standards.

CNC machining is widely used in aerospace for oxygen generation parts, electrical connectors, valve components, and shafts. It is also used for motion controls, cabin parts, fuselage components, wing ribs, landing gear components, actuators, and engine housings.