Brass Forging Parts

Part Name: Brass Forging Parts

Brand Name: Enze

Process: Hot forging

Material: Brass

Surface Treatment: Sandblasting

Application: Automobile, agricultural machinery, furniture, construction, home appliances, electronics.

Quality control: Certificates for all requirements Test reports for every delivery

Drawing format: IGES, STEP, AutoCAD, Solidworks, STL, PTC Creo, DWG, PDF, etc.

Deep Processing: CNC Machining / Cutting / Punching / Inspection / Tapping / Drilling / Milling

Why Choose Enze as a Supplier of Brass-Forged Components

We are manufacturer of brass forged components. Our range of forging presses includes mechanical crank and friction screw presses, with a capacity ranging from 10 to 400 tons. 

We offer various brass forging services, including cold forging and hot forging. We also provide CNC machining, metal fabrication, and other services. Our forged parts cover many applications, including nuts, hose nipples, tees, elbows, flare, and other components. With our experience and advanced facilities, we can produce high-quality brass forged parts to meet your requirements.

Our factory is equipped with shot blasters, Automats, lathes, drilling and screwing compound machines, and polishing machines. We also offer post-forging deburring, shot blasting, polishing, and machining as per customer specifications.

Brass Forging Parts

Why Use the Forging Process to Make Parts?

 The forging process can produce stronger parts than any other metalworking process. Due to this strength, forgings are used when reliability and human safety are critical.  Hot and cold forging brass can create articles with irregular shapes that cannot be machined or milled on traditional lathes.

Why use the forging process to make parts

Our Brass Forged Components

Here’s a list of our forged products range:

– Brass Forged Valve

– Brass Forged Tee Joint

– Brass Forged Hand Shut Off Valve

– Brass Ball Valve

– Brass Forged Female Cross Way

– Brass Forged Elbow Fittings

– Brass Forged Automotive parts

– Precision Forged parts

– Forged Immersion Components

– Brass Forged Fittings

– Brass Forged Flange

– Brass Forged Flange

– Brass Forged Adapter

– Brass Forged Reducer

– Brass Forged Head

– Brass Heating Elements Parts

– Brass Screw plug

– Brass Forged Head

– Brass Forged Water and Valve Fittings

Our Brass Forged Parts

Features of Brass Forged Parts

  • High Accuracy¬†
  • Good performance
  • Cost-Saving
  • Longevity
  • High durability
  • Excellent strength

Features of Brass Forged Parts

Available Materials for Brass Forged Parts

Raw material options include Forging Brass per BS 218, High-Grade Free Cutting Brass, IS 319 Brass Free Cutting, and Free Cutting Brass per BS 249 type (i), with the option for special brass material compositions per customer requirements.

Available Surface Finishes for Brass Forging parts

Various surface finishes, including Zinc, tin, nickel, chrome, silver, gold, and more

Threads types 


The weight range 

 Range From 0.05 kg to 15.00 kg.




                              How do we produce the brass forging parts?


Brass Forging Parts

                             Quality Control of the Brass Forging Parts


quality control

Brass Forging Manufacturer in China

As one of China’s famous brass forging companies, Enze offers cost-effective solutions for your brass-forged products. Our team provides fast quotes and works within your budget. Contact us at for more information.